Technical Solution
If you’re now intending to determine the direction of investment products, or changing your career, I’ll say opening an ink refill store is your best choice.
As to changing career ,transition, or project investment, starting with ink refilling chain store is your best choice.

The world is changing so fast, tremendous challenges was made by internet economy upon the traditional industries, with declining profits, all of pressure has resulted in traditional industry for struggling.

If it is the time that you are sourcing for a wholly new derection,opening ink refilling store is your best choice!

All to known, the world famous company “cartridge world”, starting their small refill store in the garage, which it only takes 6 years to develop themselves with more than 2000 franchising franchise store in the areas of United States and Europe. With annual sales of more than $ 1 billion, who has been titled “Annual fastest growing franchise businesses”for 3 years in a row,the reason is for:

With annual sales of more than $ 1 billion, who has been titled “Annual fastest growing franchise businesses”for 3 years in a row,the reason is for:

1.Original cartridges are too expensive, consumption only once then discarded, resulting in customers can afford to buy a horse, with no saddle. Either wasting money or polluting the environment ,however, cartridge refilling only expenses half of the original cartridges price, also can refill many times repeatedly, so it will dramatically reduce cost and has a huge potential customers.

2.Much higher profit : The charge is USD5-12/refilled (only one second of original cartridge),the refilling cost is 0.03-0.12USD (only 3-12ml ink/cartridge ,ink cost is USD0.01/ml) .it is almost Zero .Given we refill 200 cartridges per day ,total income is USD1500/day& USD45000/month based on the charge of USD7.5/PC What is your cost is two staff salary and purchasing equipment budget at USD15000 . We can get balance in initial running month .

3. The non-OEM cartridges made in China are infringing products in USA and Europe and are forbidden to sell. But cartridge refilling is legal and many supermarkets, such as COSTCO, FRY’s, Walgreen, ect, all supply cartridge refill service. That is to say, market demand of cartridge refilling is huge.

4. Our “non-destructive cartridge refilling technology” will make cartridge refill very easy. The complete technical proposal for running ink refill store including cartridge tester, cartridge centrifuge ,refilling machine ect is best special equipments in the world which are specially designed for ink refill store with the advanced technology.

5. We can supply complete technical training, send engineer for equipment installation and training at your site. We also provide ink, chip, clips and packaging material ect so that you become specialist for cartridge refill and you can handle all refilling technical knowledge within short time.

6. Many of our customers have their own cartridge refill multiple shops, so we have all experiences to open refill stores and will send to you freely which make you find very suitable operation mode rapidly.

If you have some operation experience and financial capability, it is the best investment to open refill stores. Please contact us, one call maybe bring you new career peak.