Technical Solution
We supply the patent and cooperation of
If you are a ink refilling manufacturer, our technology “non-destructive inkjet cartridge refilling” is very worthy to you.


1). It is available to refill over 95% cartridge model including HP, CANON, EPSON, BROTHER, ect with or without print head. Our non-destructive refilling method will not leave any trace, And not only it is very clean, but also it will not damage cartridge sticker and keep the warranty of printer manufacturer.

2). Secondly, our refilling technique can be very convenient to fill all split-type structure cartridges of HP/CANON/EPSON. You do neither need to use any tools, nor do by hand. This technology is universal and suitable for all tabletop printer cartridges.

3)This refilling technology can make one cartridge to be refilled over 10 times.

Compared with the traditional needle type, our refill technology is cleaner and more convenient and it is not dangerous when operating, never puncture and dirt hands.

You can joint-develop and use our ink refilling equipments just pay some charge of patent. Or we are joint-ventured and cooperative to develop your local market.

2. You can buy the right to the use of our patents, make the refilling machines, which can promote the competitive advantage of your products.

3. You can buy our right to the ownership of our patents, and you will occupy this non-destructive ink refilling technology exclusively.

Bad products is no use even if you have opportunity in the market. Cooperation can make us alive. We open our mind and looking forward to cooperate with you, whatever you are our rival or counterpart.