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1999   Established Tianjin Youthstar technology Co., Ltd.
2003 May.23 Obtain certificate “ the implementation standard of enterprise product”
Sep.17 Obtain the patent “Continuous ink supply device”
2004 Jul. 21 Registered trademark of “YOUTH”
2007 Aug.22 Obtain the patent “Combined cylinder pressure ink filling machine”
Dec.4 Obtain the patent “Peristaltic pump quantitative ink filling machine”
2010 Oct. Attended “the 12th China Hi-Tech Fair” as the representative of Tianjin Government
Oct. Named “Tianjin Binhai New Area of high-tech enterprises” by Binhai New Area Government
Dec.16 amed “Tianjin high-tech enterprises” by Tianjin Government
Dec.20 Passed inspection” Toner Cleaner Machine” by Tianjin Electronic and Instrumental Laboratory
2011 Sep.22 Obtain the patent “Non-destructive, automatic ink filling machine with precise measurement”
Oct.28 Registered trademark of “INKCAFE”
2012 May.30 Obtain the patent “Laser Toner Cleaner Machine”
Aug.22 Obtain the patent “ one of Non-destructive ink filling machine with precise measurement filling from vent hole”
Oct.17 Obtain the patent “ Non-destructive automatic ink filling machine with precise measurement”
2013 Oct. Adward the silver in “Print-Rite Innovation Award 2013 ”