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Company Introduction
Tianjin InkCafe was established in 2011 which is a manufacturer of inkjet cartridge refilling machine and we got patent of "refilling cartridge by non-destructive method". We started to operate a refilling store at that time and hearly 500 stores was trained by us in China. The Inkjet Cartridge Tester can make ink cartridge printing out color block and curve for 150 kinds of cartridge. Inkjet refilling machine + tester + centrifuge + printing head cleaning equipment was regarded as a advanced refilling equipments. Our equipment was sold to more than 30 countries and 1000 users, we are the  one who OEM for the equipment for customer.

We always concentrade on developing the technology of inkjet cartridge refilling equipment since 16 years ago, we are not the biggest company in this field, but we are a professional one.

We have 16years experience of operating refilling store. Our machines which include large volume cartridge refilling, CISS refilling, Cartridge tester, centrifuge, cartridge cleaning machine, toner cartridge refilling machine, meanwhile are widely used in refilling store, cartridge recycling plant.

Lots of large company like Ninestar, Print Rite, Shanghai Huatai, Licaifeiyang are using our equipment and we got customer include COSTCO, CartridgeWorld,OppioMax. Even we design machine for HP company and they cooperated with us for the cartridge refilling.

We have developing team of 30 people, professional laboratory and producting centre, we also provide customized production for those rare cartridge with low price.

We provide ink, toner powder,chip resetter and other packing materials to customer for 16 years, those items are be choosen through strict sifting and the quality are guaranteed, it can help you to avoid the worry.

We are a High and new technology enterprise which enjoy the government investing with area 5000㎡ production base, we won bonus by government for many times.

Our equipment is a good choice no matter you want to invest new project or start a refilling store. It is the guarantee that using our euqipment and raw material, it will make you far more advance than your competitor. We will make you satisfied with our equipment and service.